Tencent MIND Forum


Tencent MIND Forum in Beijing is Tencent’s annual flagship media and marketing event, a must-attend brand experience owned. The MIND Forum draw the most influential experts, channel partners, leading online advertising agencies and clients from various industries every year, simply because this is the industry-leading event that determine future market trajectory.

GPJ created success for Tencent in 2010, naturally was given much more push to better the second time.


To create a powerful interpretation of the working theme of “Hearing & Changing” this event became a space for dialogue on and off stage, where we maximized opportunities for guest, speakers and key experts to exchange ideas.

GPJ team worked even closer with our clients to redesign the agenda, introduce fresher topics, push demo designs to new limits, and identify influential speakers.


More than 1,500 targeted top-level elite attendees shared ideas and exchanged their knowledge and experience. Tencent successfully fulfilled the role as an irreplaceable thought leaders and garner valuable feedback from the industry through this event.