Cisco GSX 2010


After 19 years as a physical event, Cisco reinvented the sales meeting with its inaugural Global Sales Experience (GSX) in 2009, a 100% remote learning, networking and sales employee recognition event that set the standard for web-delivered event marketing programs.  More than 19,000 attendees from across the globe participated while driving total event costs down and creating entirely new ways to engage and motivate a global workforce. GSX went on to win the 2010 Ex Award for Best 100% Virtual Event of 2009. 

Based on insights from the initial program, GSX 2010 took engagement to the next level as a hybrid event, delivering both online connection as well as face-to-face experiences to 21,000+ attendees from August through September through an innovative hub-and-spoke model that set a new standard for large organizations to communicate their vision for the future and inspire employees to action. 

Highlights included the use of a large number of Cisco products in the delivery of GSX 2010, the use of gaming to inspire friendly competition and collaboration among global teams, creation of “The Hunt” Alternate Reality Game (ARG) and numerous online and mobile applications to foster social networking while streamlining event operations such as registration, session evaluations and surveys.