Shanghai Corporate Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo


As host to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Shanghai Municipal Government sought to create a rich, interactive brand experience for the millions of domestic and foreign visitors that attended.

Specifically, the Shanghai Municipal Government asked GPJ’s sister agency Spinifex to take visitors on an exploration of Shanghai’s rich cultural fabric and heritage, highlight Shanghai’s emergence as a global business center and showcase the city’s vision for the future. 

The result was the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, a “Dream Cube” composed of four main areas: the Exterior, the Queue, the Path and the 360 Theatre.

To attract curious attendees, a matrix of LED poles – the largest 3D LED screen every built – flashed dynamic content on every inch of the Exterior. Once visitors were in the Queue, they were able to guide lights and animation across LED poles. Activated by clapping, these custom-built sensing systems turned sound into digital commands.

The next stage of the experience was the Path, which took attendees through a media-rich journey, complete with three distinct “chapters” of storytelling about Shanghai.

Spinifex’s Dream Cube experience culminated in the 360 Theatre. Here LED poles hanging from the ceiling mirrored content that was playing out on an incredible 360 degree screen.

At the same time as the LED poles were carrying over imagery playing out on the screen, they were reacting to the sounds and movement of attendees gathered underneath. Visitors were encouraged to participate in the experience by holding up their hands and clapping – actions which were then incorporated into the media itself.

The Dream Cube installation was one of the most popular pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, enabling the host city to attract hundreds of thousands of attendees. Combined with millions of impressions and word of mouth, this technological approach to experiential marketing generated both deep engagement and a broad message reach for Shanghai.

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