Nissan at NAIAS 2013


For Nissan, auto shows are a direct way to engage tens of thousands of potential customers, so its new presence at North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was much more than a just promotional effort – it was an opportunity to re-cast and define the brand in more compelling ways.

To do that Nissan tapped our strategy and design teams, who took inspiration from Nissan’s brand DNA and its commitment to performance and innovation to create a content-rich, multisensory brand experience unlike anything done before. The result was a groundbreaking branded installation that debuted at the NAIAS to great success, a model for Nissan brand marketing at future auto shows as well as other consumer environments.

Encompassing an amphitheater-style space was a signature design element that came to be known as the “halo”, an architectural nod to the slipstream effect created in wind tunnels when testing Nissan vehicle for aerodynamics. Within the halo, GPJ created original media that played out across massive high-resolution screens, attracting visitors to the space and telling the Nissan brand story.
The halo also provided a sense of enclosure that engulfed the attendee and led them towards a deeper product experience. A perimeter “Interactive Wall” powered by Xbox Kinect™ technology enabled visitors to find out more about Nissan’s Innovation stories. Vehicles in the booth demonstrate Nissan’s broad lineup spectrum, leading attendees to explore the vehicles themselves, including the new hybrid concept “Resonance” and Usain Bolt’s autographed gold GT-R.

Looking to further elevate the motor show experience, Nissan tapped into the senses. Smell is considered a powerful sense when it comes to long-term memorizing of experiences, places or products. Heralded as Detroit’s first automotive booth to use scent marketing, the Nissan space featured a distinctive scent called Thé Vert Oriental, an aroma like green tea during harvest, and a distinctive nod to Nissan’s Japanese roots. Nissan also played its own brand soundtrack, pulsing with a raw electronic energy cast over svelte, crisp beats. The music morphed throughout the day according to the time, shaping the Nissan exhibit’s atmosphere as an evolving dynamic environment.

At NAIAS, thousands of potential customers spent an average of 10+ minutes in the space, triggering tens of thousands of brand interactions – in addition to targeted impressions. In addition, more than 5,000 journalists from 58 countries experienced Nissan’s environment; subsequent reporting coverage was extremely positive for Nissan’s product line and brand message. In the immediate future, iterations of this special experience will appear at Geneva, Shanghai, Frankfurt and Tokyo 2013 motor shows.