Bayer's Beijing Experience Center



Bayer Material Science has a corporate experience center in Beijing that was completed five years ago and has been used for customer visits, media interviews and executive meetings. In 2011, they decided to update the existing space with a focus on Bayer Material Science’s solid legacy and breakthrough innovations. This space is now used monthly as a multi-purpose area for technical meetings and contains working offices with Bayer employees, partners and others moving in and out everyday.


The challenge was to come up with a design that allows flexibility of space usage without compromising the messaging of the experience center. Furthermore, there was a challenge during construction because the area could not be sealed off while the renovation was taking place.

GPJ created a permanent ceiling installation mimicking molecules as an artistic focal point of the room to strengthen the message of the company's scientific history. On the ground, mirror pieces of the molecules in round-shaped stations were developed, integrating augmented reality, iPad and interactive projections. These pieces are moveable and allow for flexibility of space re-configuration during the monthly meetings without losing the over-all look and feel of the experience center. Also, by employing simple digital elements, contents can be changed efficiently, catering to the needs of different audiences.


Bayer Material Science has now unveiled a new art space to showcase their products, where interaction and customer engagement is maximized in communicating their messages. To quote the client, "...this has changed our perspective on displaying our products. Now, we see our company as a producer of art that provides 'science for a better life'.”