Porsche Golf Cup 2011



As one of the leading manufacturers of luxurious high performance sports cars in the world, Porsche commenced operations in China in 2001 and since then has enjoyed rapid growth, brand recognition and awareness among its customers. In order to show appreciation for its loyal customers, Porsche Golf Cup 2011 is a series of premium amateur tournaments organized by Porsche China and supported by Porsche Centers. The qualifying tournaments take place at a national level across 10 cities with 15 Porsche Centers involved. The champions from these qualifying tournaments advance into the China Final to be held in October, in China’s tropical Sanya.


The sheer number of logistical challenges of this high-profile event series – from talent management to event execution – provided a significant challenge to GPJ China’s Creative and Event teams. And of course, insuring the Porsche brand was represented prominently and with the highest level of quality to reflect the premium nature of Porsche’s vehicles.


The Porsche Gold Cup was flawlessly produced in the eyes of the players, attendees and Porsche marketing leadership, creating multi-faceted experiences with the highest quality and timely delivery. GPJ’s numerous creative and event management executives oversaw every element of activation, insuring that the various experiences reflected the Porsche brand and its standards.