Motorola @ GSMA


Motorola repositioned their brand at GSMA in Barcelona and launched their new Android based product at their first official show as Motorola Mobility. 

The experience created by GPJ was designed to simulate the environment of an art museum, with several galleries within the space, delineated by carpet inlays and transparent media walls. Each gallery had a different look and purpose but was an integral part of the whole. Instead of going from the Impressionist painting gallery to the contemporary sculpture gallery CES attendees experienced:

ATRIX Gallery- highlighted their premiere smartphone. 3 double-sided towers told the three user stories through video: At Home, At Work, and On the Go. Both sides of the towers had a full ATRIX ecosystem of products phone, computer dock, laptop dock, and super hd dock. Here, the Motorola Ambassadors led the attendees through the full experience of the device.

Digital Forest Gallery- a product portfolio experience that was light and sound reactive through motion sensor technology. The aura of this gallery was a physical manifestation of Motorola’s Brand Positioning, fusing technology with human behaviour.

Home Gallery- central hub which featured the Home product offering, This gallery is where attendees checked-in for private press and product meetings, as wall as, an invitation only Home backroom experience.

Xoom Portfolio Gallery- massive 64 linear ft. bar with product displayed for attendees to use and ask questions about. Like a contemporary sports pub, it showcased (12) 55” monitors that ran random sizzle reels of their latest product offering. The Motorola Ambassadors stood behind the bar to answer questions about the devices and serve Motorola branded bottled water.

The team, including Marketing, was given direct access to their new brand and product - more so than we had in the previous three years. Additionally, our design team was challenged by Moto to create a new way of telling their story. From a marketing strategy brief, to brainstorming and presentation of four unique layouts / approaches, to new interactive options for each product, Motorola relied heavily on GPJ to take the lead on crafting this show for them.