Mercedes-Benz Urban Beats Roadshow 2011



To help Mercedes-Benz launch its innovative smart car lineup, GPJ was tasked with creating the smart Urban Beats Road Show, an integrated experience marketing program reaching potential buyers and driving sales across 13 cities in China. A nation-wide roll-out of the roadshow meant teams were on the road for weeks at a time, and in relatively less mature markets such as tier 3 cities, the campaign provided a challenge in terms of generating sales leads and car sales where the brand was relatively new.


In addition to Concept and Creative development, GPJ devised a digital strategy that generated pre-event buzz, driving people to register and attend the live experiences while extending the life of the entire program. On-site, guests were  engaged through a variety of interactive activities and hospitality elements. Media promotion and co-branding with Esquire magazine ensured an unprecedented level of attendee participation.


Overall, the event showed measurable results and achieved sales targets in each city.  During the event days, over 10,000 new leads experienced smart and more than 100 smart 2011 vehicles were ordered on-site. Dealers who hosted the roadshow in their showroom were happy to expand their database and generate increased awareness of the smart brand and cars.