Lincoln Dealer Meeting 2012


Lincoln sought to reclaim its position as an authentic luxury automaker, and knew that the resurgence was critically dependent on motivating its Dealer network to rally behind the brand and embrace their role in its transformation. To ignite this culture change, Lincoln needed to bring its new premium brand identity to life, showcase its commitment to the network, and articulate the Dealers’ critical role in its success.

To answer these challenges, GPJ designed an intimate and immersive Dealer Meeting experience that embodied Lincoln’s new definition of luxury, and the brand’s high touch, personalized approach. From the sophisticated, lounge-style design of the Business Meeting pavilion, to 500 hand-delivered invitations, to an onsite concierge dedicated to attendee support, each touch-point – no matter how small – was carefully crafted to enable Dealers to see, feel and understand the brand’s transformation.

Lincoln’s commitment to partnership with its Dealers was reinforced through rare access to executives, unexpected sneak-peeks at future products, and a private preview of the breakthrough Auto Show experience and all-new transformational MKZ sedan. To maximize the program’s impact, focused pre/post-event communications delivered progress updates, set the stage for upcoming meetings, and gave momentum to the ongoing collaboration between Lincoln and its Dealers.

The response to this inventive approach was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrated by a double-digit increase in Dealer attendance, company-wide recognition of the program as emblematic of the new Lincoln DNA, and satisfaction/comprehension metrics that surpassed expectations.