SIGGRAPH is the annual gathering place of more than 20,000 international creative and technical experts who work in the vibrant computer graphics industry. For SIGGRAPH 2012 held in Los Angeles, CA, AMD worked with us to create an entirely new brand experience to promote its innovative workstation graphics solutions.

Understanding that nearly 30% of SIGGRAPH attendees attend this event – and only this event – to make decisions about which brands to work with, our strategy was to create a unified experience that encompassed trade show floor, conference speaking and online activities. We set out to create a provocative message to promote interest in AMD’s solutions and then provide a payoff to that through the brand experience.

We started with clarifying AMD’s core message down to its essence: “render excellence”, which became the through line for the integrated strategy. AMD experts presented in two conference breakouts (“Tech Talks”) focusing on leading AMD products in the space. The ideas laid out in this format were then brought to life through a brand new installation on the show floor, which emphasize interactive walls, simulators and other immersive technology that engaged attendees.

The result was that AMD exceeded its goal for onsite meetings with customers as well as broader reach metrics through industry media coverage and social media activity. In a crowded space, AMD unified message and experience to differentiate from other brands and create measurable impact where it matters most.