Abstract Light: Osram at Euroshop 2011 – Event Marketing


Osram’s shop lighting is known for a slim, sleek design aesthetic that provides maximum visual impact. At Euroshop 2011, Osram wanted this brand message to be the driving force behind the presentation of their latest work in LED Technology.  

Simplicity may be the ultimate sophistication, but it is also the ultimate challenge. For GPJ’s sister agency Raumtechnik, the ultramodern event marketing solution was to break free from the conventions of normal design and create an environment where Osram’s LED lighting became the star attraction. 

With Abstract Light: Osram at Euroshop 2011, Raumtechnik built a stunning white, two-story structure – comparable to abstract sculpture – that included a number of “gallery” spaces. Osram’s designs and lighting colors became the focal visual points.   

High white walls created an air of mystery, while curved openings and a white stairway drew event attendees into the space. The wave-like design formed private nooks, allowing visitors to explore the products without being affected by the surroundings or distracted by the noise of the tradeshow.

In addition, simple scenes such as a kitchen, lounge and fitting room, were set up in the nooks to display selected LED products. This gave visitors the power to experiment with their own creative lighting visions.

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