Toyota Reveals the 2012 Camry


Toyota’s launch of the 2012 Camry represented not just a leap forward in automotive technology, it was the continuation of a legend in the automotive space - one of the best selling vehicles of all time was re-launching to the global marketplace in the face of economic headwinds and increasing competition.
To stand out form the crowd and communicate how much of a game-changer this vehicle is, Toyota and GPJ kicked off a multi-city high-energy press event in August 2011 that cast the 2012 Camry as a the perfect vehicle for the urban lifestyle, targeting young, edgy and tech-savvy buyers.
To achieve that effect, hundreds of industry and general business press, analysts, partners and other influencers and VIPs descended on a Los Angeles movie back-lot that had been converted into a Hollywood-worthy cityscape: pushcart vendors, pedestrians, storefronts and the like recreated city living down to the smallest detail.
As a red 2012 Camry rolled into the scene at the “direction” of a Toyota executive, the scenery – ranging from store awnings to the flowers in window boxes –changed into a sea of red while hundreds of actors and extras became performers, including street dancers, BMX bike stunt team, cheerleaders and much more.
The media itself became wrapped up in the performance, as the energy of the moment gave way to a media-driven presentation about the reinvented 2012 Camry’s new technology and city-friendly features. The performance set up executive interviews perfectly, firmly establishing the 2012 Camry's position in the minds of the media and invited guests.