Scion Surface Experience


Scion was looking to deepen auto show engagement in a fresh new way and enlisted the help of Project: Worldwide agencies GPJ and Juxt Interactive to create an experience that would bring the uniqueness of the Scion lifestyle to life.

Inspired by the creativity and self-expression at the heart of the Scion brand, GPJ and Juxt created a playful environment that enabled visitors to explore the brand's product, racing and cultural affiliations as well as try their own hand at creativity.  

Key to this experience is the Scion Surface – a multi-touch installation guests explore with a deck of eight unique trading cards that when placed on the surface, reveal a range of product and brand related digital content. Flipping the cards over triggers the playing of a beat, bass or vocal component to a song. When all eight cards are placed on the surface at the same time, the full song plays. Spinning each card allows the guest to mix the song in real-time to their liking.

The Scion Surface is presented at four, distinct touch points within the new Scion space inviting show goers to experience each vehicle in a fresh, new way. Bursting with digital media, the multi-touch installation has drawn thousands to Scion’s auto show environments and extended reach via post event downloads accessed from the collectible trading cards.