KCM & Kingsford w/ Keith Urban


KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce and Kingsford Charcoal wanted to continue their commitment to country music as a way to connect with their audience. So, GPJ worked with the brands in a headline sponsorship of the 2009 Keith Urban tour.

Seeing the link between people who barbecue in the backyard and people who listen to country music, sponsoring a Keith Urban tour was a natural fit. As part of the sponsorship, KC Materpiece and Kingsford hosted the Keith Urban Backstage Barbecue Experience where fans were treated to a photo opportunity and live acoustic performance by Keith as well as a delicious grilled menu provided by barbecue champion and “official tour pitmaster,” Chris Lilly. While at the concert, fans interacted with scent-infused signage and fun photo-ops, while brand ambassadors distributing coupons. Concert attendees were also encouraged to participate in a SMS and online sweepstakes to win a private performance with Urban in Nashville.