KC Masterpiece BBQ Pit Wagon


In search of a direct and immersive way to engage BBQ lovers, KC Masterpiece and GPJ came up with a cool new concept with help from our partner G7 Entertainment: a mobile tour featuring KC Masterpiece BBQ’s iconic Pit Wagon food truck. The Pit Wagon enabled the brand get face to face with its target audience and to share the love of food, friends, family and fun.

Armed with amazing KC Masterpiece BBQ recipes, the KC Masterpiece BBQ Pit Wagon grilled its way across the Midwest, serving up delicious food at fairs, festivals and KC Masterpiece retailers. In its three years on the road, the Pit Wagon and its trained BBQ team has made over 400 stops, bringing real food to people at hometown events and festivals, handing out coupons and fresh ideas for cooking with KC Masterpiece products at home. The KC Masterpiece BBQ Pit Wagon also made a special stop at the “BBQ for Our Troops” event to show support for the soldiers serving overseas, and in its first year, added an impromptu stop at Joplin, MO to help with disaster relief after the area was devastated by a hurricane.

The KC Masterpiece BBQ Pit Wagon was an innovative way for KC Masterpiece to reach its target audience by using an immersive, authentic brand experience and executing it cost effectively. Thoroughly exceeding expectations with over 2 million impressions, the Pit Wagon has expanded its fleet and distributed roughly 200,000 samples to date, delivering instant win opportunities and authentic BBQ experiences throughout the country.