Infiniti Exotic Road Tour


Infiniti challenged GPJ to eliminate the traditional retail space or auto show, and create an innovative brand marketing initiative targeting affluent tastemakers, customers and celebrities.

Combining the power of two influential and unique luxury brands, GPJ created a partnership between Infiniti and Louis Vuitton, developing a collaborative nationwide tour engaging a shared customer base in an intimate and indulgent atmosphere.  

Hosted at exclusive venues and resorts from Las Vegas to New York City, the tour summoned memories of days past when travel was synonymous with adventure and luxury through a design inspired by “exotic travel the way it used to be”.

A custom-made portable “pop-up” featuring the Infiniti Essence concept car set the stage for A-list guests to tour the vehicle, interview key Infiniti executives and peruse a showcase of the latest Louis Vuitton designs in an informal, exclusive manner.

The Infiniti & Louis Vuitton road tour offered an exclusive opportunity for guests to access the minds behind the development of the Essence and to engage creative people, like them, who understand what true luxury is all about.