Hony Capital Annual Conference 2011



Hony Capital is a subsidiary of Lenovo, which held its 2011 annual conference in Shanghai from August 31st to September 3rd. During the meeting, the opening of Hony Capital Overseas Investment Fund Headquarters was to be announced. And during the conference, Hony Capital planned to gather employees, partners, media and others about the status of the company’s strategic planning for the next year.


Time limit was a major challenge, with only 40 days from the first draft of the proposal to project execution. The high level of the conference required very careful communication and confirmation with dozens of Shanghai’s government leader and top companies’ CEO’s. Weather during the conference was uncooperative to say the least, with a typhoon racing up the eastern coast of China during the 4 day event. So GPJ leveraged the latest registration technology and embraced a media and content-driven approach to execute the event successfully while creating an an incredible brand experience.


The use of a fast, intelligent electronic registration system ensured that all guests were able to check in within two minutes, while the use of large scale projected media during the festive element of the event amazed the 500 assembled guests, including the Mayor of Shanghai, 30 other government leaders, and more than 80 c-level executives from area businesses and many others. In total, the branded event was an unforgettable experience, generating tremendous goodwill from all attendees.