2013 IBM CMO Event


To help marketers better understand some of the challenges

facing brands today and get a better grasp of how data can transform their

business, GPJ created a special CMO Breakfast event with our client, IBM, and a

long-time partner, The Ad Club of Boston. 

The event’s focus was on addressing three marketing

imperatives: harnessing Big Data to understand each customer as an individual;

creating value at every touch point of the customer journey; and aligning an

organization’s culture and brand so that they are authentically one.

Nearly two hundred marketers representing brands, agencies

and media joined us at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York City. There, a

special presentation by John Kennedy, IBM’s VP, Corporate Marketing and a

one-on-one interview with David Rich, GPJ’s head of Strategy + Planning /Worldwide,

provided a deeper understanding of these cutting-edge subjects.

Those who attended the event – and those following online

via social channels – came away with the knowledge needed to assess their

current strategic approach and ask the right questions in order to harness their

data, drive deeper client engagement and improve their brand performance in a

world changing at a rapid pace.