About GPJ

About GPJ

We create Experience Marketing. We break down walls. And build relationships. After all, audiences today don't see channels, time zones, impressions or conversions.

They see (and seek) products and services that fit their needs. Functionally, financially, culturally and socially. A relationship. Person to person, company to customer, brand to buyer, we've been breaking down the walls between clients and their audiences around the world since 1914.

True experience marketing does just that, putting the Customer Journey at the center of your marketing strategy. Delivered in real time, across multiple platforms.

The ways we relate to each other may have changed. The need to relate never will.

Our Philosophy

There is no form of media, no form of interaction that can stir the psyche and move people to action in quite the same way as a personal encounter. There is simply no replacement for the quality of connection achievable through face-to-face dialogue for building deep relationships. People of all backgrounds have an inherent need for human contact, to engage with each other and interact around powerful ideas. When gathered in shared purpose, the experience has the depth of power to transform perceptions, create indelible impressions and build the bonds of relationship that move people to action.

Yet, as true as it is that there's no more powerful connection than that made in person, it's also true that there's an equally irreplaceable efficiency of initiating, nurturing and maintaining connection through the many capabilities of digital technology. From initial contact with individuals to building connections and communities of interest, digital capabilities deliver the power of extended reach, expanded dialogue and enhanced community, all built on the foundation of the kind of ubiquity and continuity only affordable and practical through online technology.

When integrated together, the separate powers of live and digital interactions unite to enable a whole new strength of efficiency and effectiveness in building deep and lasting relationships previously only dreamt of.

It's an approach you can use to innovate your marketing, motivate your audiences and activate your brand like never before. And no one understands it or can deliver it better than GPJ.

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1914
  • 29 offices worldwide
  • 1300+ full time employees
  • Capabilities
    • Branded Environments
    • Event Marketing
    • Entertainment Marketing
    • Online & Digital Experience
    • Media & Content Development